Football Trivia Questions

Football Trivia Questions was set-up in 2013 to help people host and run football related quizzes. Whether you're thinking of running a football related pub quiz, or a quiz between friends, we're here to help. There are lots of football questions and football quiz sites on the internet, but at the time of our launch there was nowhere that allowed you to download ready made printable question and answer, picture and bingo football quizzes along with ready to print PDF question and answer sheets.

About Us

"Us" is a bit of a misnomer, as is run as the smallest of small businesses: there is just me, Ian Preston. I've written the website and most of the quizzes and picture quizzes that are available for download. I'm a huge football fan, and been a bit geeky and anal, I've loved football trivia since I was very young. It gives me pleasure to think that this site might help people enjoy football trivia.

If you have any questions or comments about, I'd love to hear from you. My address is . One of the benefits of buying from a small business is that if you need technical support or just need a question answered you'll get a response straight from the top! I'd also love to hear how your football quizzes have gone, and anything you can think of that would make our service and website better. I firmly believe the old football cliche that everyday is a school day and it’s your feedback that will help me learn and make the site better.

Contacting Football Trivia Questions

As a one man company we aren't able to provide a contact phone number but we're open to enquiries via email (see above or ) and our contact form and I'll always try to get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Feel free to ask me any questions before you buy, I'd be happy to help!

How the site works

Use the links at the top of pages to have at look at the football quizzes we offer, if you spot a quiz you're interested in you can view more details by clicking the quizzes title. If you want to buy the quiz just click the add to basket button then follow our checkout process to buy the quiz. You'll need a Paypal account to buy any quizzes from us.

Give us a try

Interested in buying a quiz from us but not sure whether to take the plunge? You can sample our goods before you buy by requesting a sample quiz. Or, you could buy today and use our 30 day money back guarantee if you're not happy with anything you've bought. We're also currently running an offer that allows you to buy your first six quizzes for just 1.99.