A Cristiano Ronaldo Football Trivia Quiz because YOU asked for it

Here at footballtriviaquestions.co.uk we’re very keen to hear what you think about our quizzes and our website. One of the things you realise when you start running a website is that feedback is quite hard to get, people are happy to come and look at a site but most people don’t have time to stop and interact with a site. If you think about your web surfing on a typical day, it’s very likely that you spend most of your time in passive mode looking and clicking and not often stopping to interact.

In order to get round people’s natural reluctance to leave feedback we use some other methods to try and find out what people are looking for. One of the things we do is track the queries that people have typed into search engines (Google, Bing etc) in order to get to our website. By doing this we can see what sort of things people are after. If, for example, we saw one hundred queries for “Gary Gillespie quiz” then we’d get straight down to writing a quiz about the imposing, be-permed Liverpool and Coventry City defender.

Gary Gillespie Football Quiz

Surprisingly, over the last few weeks we have seen no search engine queries looking for Gary Gillespie quizzes – what we have seen though is people looking for Cristiano Ronaldo football quizzes. In some ways, this is not too surprising, Cristiano may be seen (in some eyes) as a little more visually appealing than Gary, and did you know Ronaldo was the first non-American personality to have over 100 million fans on Facebook and that he has the 5th highest social rank in the world in 2012, bettered only by Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry. Amazing stuff. If you’re reading this Cristiano we’d really appreciate retweet- cheers!

Cristiano Ronaldo Football Quiz

Anyway, the Cristiano Ronaldo football quiz is ready now, and you can go and get it from our football players quiz section, alternatively you can go directly to the quiz details page for the quiz and have a look at some sample questions. Whist you’re picking up your Cristiano Ronaldo quiz why not have a look around and see what else we have to offer.

Finally, although we enjoy looking through lists of queries people have typed into Google we also enjoy hearing from you – the people. So why not leave a comment below and tell us what sort of football quizzes you’d like to see on the site, if you ask you may very well get!

BTW – we use Hittail to track our search engine queries, it’s affordable and much simpler than Google analytics. Why not give it a try, they provide a free trial so you can see what it is like for 21 days before taking the plunge.

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