Are you looking for a football picture quiz?

Looking for a football picture quiz? We may just be able to help you! Football picture quizzes would normally be used as part of a pub quiz or maybe as part of a football quiz that you're hosting for friends or maybe for a charitable occasion. Picture rounds work well in quizzes for the following reasons -

1 - They give quiz teams a chance to chat and debate without the constant interruption of questions from the quiz master. One of the main reasons people take part in quizzes is for the social aspect, and picture rounds give people an ideal opportunity to talk amongst themselves whilst still taking part in the quiz.

Are you looking for a football picture quiz?

2- They break up the flow of a quiz, here at football trivia questions we'd always recommend using a picture quiz as the middle round in your quiz. We'd suggest starting with two question and answer rounds then running a picture round then finishing your quiz with a further two questions and answer rounds. If you're keen on this idea you might want to check out our instant quizzes as they provide you with everything you need to run a quiz in exactly this fashion.

3- They allow people to move around. People can sometimes feel a bit trapped during a quiz, not wanting to get up and take a comfort break or buy a drink as they might miss a question. Picture rounds allow people to move around whilst still taking part in the action when they're with their teams

In order to run a football picture quiz, you'll need three things -

A question sheet (which should be full of pictures - each picture should have a number by it so teams can record their answers)

An question master's answer sheet that contains the names for all the pictures on the question sheet

An answer sheet for teams to record their answers on

If you buy your quiz from Football Trivia questions we'll provide you with everything you need, and all for a price that is less than a pint of lager. Collecting images, cutting them down to size and then compiling them in all in to a document using Word or something similar would take you ages - so why not let us do ll the hard work for you?

Our Quizzes

You can peruse our selection of quizzes here, but just to give you a brief taster here's a sample questions sheet from one of our picture quizzes 'Football Mascots'

Sample of Football Mascots picture quiz

The image is obviously smaller that the question sheet you'll be provided with when you buy the quiz, the question sheet from the full quiz is A4 size and comes in PDF format so you can easily open it and print it out on your own printer. We'll also provide you with ready made answer sheets for the quiz master and the people playing the quiz.

Please feel free to tell us via the comments below if there are any football quizzes you'd like to see that we don't already have

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