Current Affairs Questions for w/e 14 December 2012

20 questions and answers, quiz comes complete with question and answer sheet - £2.00

Current affairs football questions for the week ending 14th December 2012.

Sample Quesions -
  • Which Premier League club was revealed to have paid the least to agents during 2012?
  • Which former Manchester United midfielder called in to Radio 5 Live following the Manchester derby in late 2012 saying calls to suppress players' celebrations were "absolute rubbish" and "ludicrous"?
  • What caused Liverpool's chairman Tom Werner to offer a personal apology to Mohamed Fayed in December 2012?
  • Who won the Manager of the Month award for November 2012?
  • Can you name the Reading player who refused to travel to Sunderland prior to Reading's 3-0 defeat there in late 2012?
  • Who hit two goals for Chelsea in their 3-1 defeat of Sunderland in late 2012?
  • Which Manchester City player held back a pitch invading fan as he attempted to attack Rio Ferdinand during the Manchester derby of December 2012?
  • Chelsea were drawn to play against which Mexican side in the semi-finals of the 2012 Club World Cup?
  • Chelsea were knocked out of the First Round of the Champions League as holders in 2012. Prior to their exit, how many times had the holders been knocked out in the first round?
  • Which former French president said "The World Cup can't be the prerogative of France, Italy or Britain only. Football is of such importance throughout the world it must be shared," in late 2012?