Roy Keane Football Trivia Quiz

20 questions and answers, quiz comes complete with question and answer sheet - £2.00

He's mean and moody and appears to have a slightly frosty relationship with Gareth Southgate. 20 questions and answers about Roy Keane

Sample Quesions -
  • With which team did Roy Keane end his professional career?
  • Against which team did Roy Keane make his debut for the Republic Of Ireland? Was it Chile, Argentina or England?
  • Which manager threatened to track Roy Keane down and confront him on his hoikday after he had failed to sign for his club?
  • What was the first team Roy Keane played for as a senior professional?
  • What is Roy Keane's middle name? Is it Joseph, John or Maurice?
  • Who had been Mancheter United's captain before Roy Keane took over?
  • Which club did Roy Keane support as a boy?
  • What year was Roy Keane born in? Was it 1969, 1972 or 1971?
  • Roy Keane received his first red card as a Manchester United player for stamping on which of his future ITV colleagues?
  • With which manager did Roy Keane have a famous falling out during the 2002 FIFA World Cup?