Bobby Robson Football Trivia Quiz

20 questions and answers, quiz comes complete with question and answer sheet - £2.00

20 football trivia questions about Sir Bobby

Sample Quesions -
  • Bobby Robson was appointed as "International Football Consultant" for which team in 2006?
  • Which team did Bobby Robson turn down to join Fulham on his first professional contract?
  • How many times did Bobby Robson win the Portuguese Primeria Liga?
  • In the 1957-58 season, Bobby Robson was West Bromwich Albion's top scorer in the league. How many goals did he score?
  • Statues of Bobby Robson are situated outside which two English football grounds?
  • What year was Bobby Robson born in? Was it 1932, 1933 or 1934?
  • What book did Bobby Robson publish in 1982?
  • In which year was Bobby Robson knighted for his services to football?
  • Which two teams did England defeat in the knockout stages of the 1990 World Cup to reach the semi-finals?
  • Who succeeded Bobby Robson as Newcastle manager?