Liverpool Instant Football Quiz

Kicking off with 10 trivia questions about the reds, then two rounds about famous ex-managers and finishing with 10 trivia questions about Liverpool's exploits in Europe. All this plus a picture round on Liverpool goalkeepers. You can't go wrong with this quiz!

Round 1 - Liverpool FC Football Trivia Quiz

10 football quiz questions about the side that occupies the hearts of the red half of Merseyside.

  • How many trophies did former Liverpool manager Roy Evans win while he was in charge of the club?
  • Gordon Hodgson boasts the record for scoring the most hat-tricks while playing for Liverpool, but how many did the great man bag, 14,15,16 or 17?
  • Which player has made the most appearances for Liverpool, Jamie Carragher, Ian Rush, Ian Callaghan or Ray Clemence?

Round 2 - Rafael Benitez Football Trivia Quiz

10 football quiz questions about everybody's favourite goatee bearded Spaniard.

  • Which German manager did Liverpool's American owners attempt to replace Rafael Benítez with during the 2007-8 season?
  • How many trophies did Rafael Benítez win during his spell with Inter Milan?
  • Who did Rafael Benítez replace as Valencia manager?

Round 3 - Kenny Dalglish Football Trivia Quiz

10 football quiz questions about the Liverpool and Celtic legend.

  • Who did Kenny Dalglish make his Liverpool debut against?
  • Which manager gave Kenny Dalglish his debut for the Scottish national side?
  • What year was Kenny Dalglish born in? Was it 1951, 1952 or 1953?

Round 4 - Liverpool in Europe Football Trivia Quiz

10 football quiz questions about the Red's exploits in Europe.

  • Until 2013, which was Liverpool`s worst result in a European Cup, losing to Ajax in 1966?
  • What was the year of Liverpool's first ever European triumph?
  • Liverpool`s highest home win in European football was 11-0 against which opponent?

Picture Quiz Round - Liverpool Goalkeepers

Can you name the men who have stood between the sticks for the reds?

Sample Picture Question Sheet
Sample of Liverpool Goalkeepers
N.B. The image above is just a sample, the page from the final picture quiz is bigger (A4 size) and sharper. If you want to see more you can Download a Sample of a full picture quiz.