Football Season 2012-13 Instant Quiz

Do you remember last season? If you do, then this quiz is going to be whole lot easier! 4 rounds of questions about what happened in specific weeks of last season and a picture quiz about Sky pundits.

Round 1 - Current Affairs Questions for w/e 12 October

Current affairs football questions for the week ending 12th October 1012.

  • In October 2012 Adam Lallana had the joint highest amount of assists in the Premier League, what team did Adam play for at the time?
  • Who was named Premier League manager of the month for September?
  • Which Liverpool player said "Bravery is a lot of things. It's not just tackling. Bravery is also taking the ball when you are losing the game and trying to create things." following critiscism from his manager in October 2012?

Round 2 - Current Affairs Questions for w/e 2 November

Current affairs football questions for the week ending 2nd November 1012.

  • What did Brendan Rogers describe as 'Scouse wit' in October 2012?
  • Christian Benteke's scored a goal for Aston Villa in their draw with Norwich in October 2012. Was it the 1st, 5th or 11th goal scored by a Belgian in the Premier League that season?
  • Who hit Manchester United's winner in their 3-2 win at Chelsea in October 2012?

Round 3 - Current Affairs for w/e 4 January

A grab-bag of current affairs questions for the week ending 4th January 1013.

  • Can you name the former Arsenal assistant manager who was awarded an MBE in the 2012 new years honours list?
  • Which player revealed a T-shirt saying "God is great" after scoring against Chelsea in December 2012?
  • Who hit two goals in the first four minutes of Manchester City's 4-3 defeat of Norwich in 2012?

Round 4 - Current Affairs for w/e 10 May

A cornucopia of current affairs football quiz questions for the week ending 10th May 1013.

  • Which BBC commentator died his hair ‘Robbie Savage blonde’ after losing a bet on QPR’s relegation from the Premier League in 2013?
  • Who finished third in the 2013 Football Writers Player of the Year award?
  • Which former Southampton old-boy scored against his old club to give Tottenham a 1-0 home victory in May 2013?

Picture Quiz Round - Sky Pundits

Can you name the Sky Pundits?

Sample Picture Question Sheet
Sample of Sky Pundits
N.B. The image above is just a sample, the page from the final picture quiz is bigger (A4 size) and sharper. If you want to see more you can Download a Sample of a full picture quiz.