Football Season 2012-13 Instant Quiz 2

How much do you remember about the 2012-13 season? This quiz has 4 rounds of questions about what happened in specific weeks of last season and a picture quiz about reserve goalkeepers.

Round 1 - Current Affairs Questions for w/e 19 October

Current affairs football questions for the week ending 19th October 1012.

  • The cancelation of England's game against Poland in October 2012 allowed viewers to watch the final of which cooking contest on BBC2?
  • Why did some England players allegedly have to take sleeping tablets following the postponement of their game against Poland in 2012?
  • Which Reading player refused to wear a 'Kick racism out of football' t-shirt during the warm-up before his sides game against Liverpool in October 2012?

Round 2 - Current Affairs for w/e 28 December 2012 Part

Part one of our bumper selection of current affairs questions for the week ending 28th December 1012.

  • Which Spanish club were banned from European competition for one season due to outstanding debts in late 2012?
  • Can you name the football related group who took the Christmas number one spot in 2012?
  • Which teenage starlet signed a new contract with Liverpool in December 2012?

Round 3 - Current Affairs for w/e 11 January

A grab-bag of current affairs questions for the week ending 11th January 1013.

  • Which player did ESPN commentator Jon Champion brand a 'cheat' during live coverage of Liverpool's third round FC Cup tie in 2013?
  • Who was appointed as the new Wolves manager in January 2013?
  • Can you name the Fulham defender who signed for Reading in January 2013?

Round 4 - Current Affairs for w/e 24 May

A bounty of current affairs football quiz questions for the week ending 24th May 1013.

  • Can you name the 17 year old who made his full debut for Liverpool in the Reds final league game of the 2013 season?
  • How many managers did Manchester City employ during Alex Ferguson's managerial reign at Manchester United?
  • Everton finished above Liverpool in the 2013 Premier League making it two years in a row that they had finished above their merseyside rivals, but how many points ahead of Liverpool did Everton finish?

Picture Quiz Round - Back-up Goalkeepers

Can you name the Goalkeepers who have been understudies at top clubs?

Sample Picture Question Sheet
Sample of Back-up Goalkeepers
N.B. The image above is just a sample, the page from the final picture quiz is bigger (A4 size) and sharper. If you want to see more you can Download a Sample of a full picture quiz.