Lucky Dip Football Instant Quiz

Put your hand into the metaphorical football quiz lucky dip bucket and see what you pull out. In this case it's rounds on the 1988 European championships, the FA Trophy, football books, and the early years of the Premier League. Plus, a picture quiz about Premier League captains from the 1992-93 season.

Round 1 - 1988 European Championships Football Trivia Quiz

10 football trivia questions about the 1988 European Championships

  • Which country failed to qualify for the 1988 European Championships after lifting the trophy in 1984?
  • In total how many goals were scored during the 1988 European Championships? Was it 31,32,34 or 35
  • Marco Van Basten was crowned top goal scorer at the 1988 European Championships, but in how many of Holland' five fixtures did he actually score?

Round 2 - FA Trophy Trivia Quiz

Trivia questions about the FA Trophy

  • Who won the FA Trophy in 1986?
  • Name the beaten finalists in the FA Trophy final of 2009?
  • Name either of the teams who contested the FA Trophy final in 2003?

Round 3 - Football Books

Questions based around football books and authors

  • "Paradise And Beyond" is the autobiography of which which ex-Norwich and Blackburn striker?
  • "All Played Out" by Pete Davies is a book about the England team in which World Cup year?
  • "Mr Unbelievable" is the autobiography of which Sky pundit and former Bradford manager?

Round 4 - The Premier League - The Early Years Grab Bag

Trivia questions about things that happened during the Premier League's early years

  • With which club did Steve Nicol make his Premiership return in 1995?
  • Which Premier League team did striker Mark Hateley join when he left Glasgow Rangers in September 1995?
  • Who were confirmed as league champions of England for the first time in 26 years in 1993 after their nearest rivals Aston Villa lost 1–0 at home to Oldham Athletic?

Picture Quiz Round - Premier League Captains 92-93

Can you name the captains from the Premier League's 92-93 season? One point is awarded for knowing the captain's name, and a bonus point will be given if you know the team the player captained during the season (the answer may be different from the team the player is playing for in the picture).

Sample Picture Question Sheet
Sample of Premier League Captains 92-93
N.B. The image above is just a sample, the page from the final picture quiz is bigger (A4 size) and sharper. If you want to see more you can Download a Sample of a full picture quiz.