Current Affairs Questions for w/e 5 October 2012

20 questions and answers, quiz comes complete with question and answer sheet - £2.00

Current affairs football questions for the week ending 5th October 2012.

Sample Quesions -
  • "Fang Persie" was the Mirror's headline after Manchester United defeated which clucb in October 2012?
  • Which footballer tweeted "Hahahahaa, well done #fa I lied did I" and signed off with an obscenity laced hash tag in October 2012?
  • Taking all Premier league games up until 5th October 2012 into account, which Everton player had created the most scoring chances in the entire division?
  • Who scored Norwich's second consolation goal in their 5-2 defeat to Liverpool in October 2012?
  • Who hit two goals for Everton in their 3-1 home defeat of Southampton in September 2012?
  • Who scored consecutive hat tricks at Carrow road, both in 2012?
  • Roy Hodgson suggested the career of which England player was over whilst talking to tube passengers in Octboer 2012?
  • What did the FA describe as "improbable, implausible and contrived" in October 2012?
  • Who said "I really don't like it when somebody says that there is too much corruption in football. We work hard against 'so-called' corruption. So don't say there is too much corruption in football." in September 2012?
  • At the end of September 2012 3 of the 9 teenagers to have started a Premiership game played for one team. Which team?